March/ April Hatch

  Once again the March/April Baetis hatch fulfills its promise of rod bending action.  Nothing like seeing eddies turn grey with shucks, cripples, and adult Baetis; not to mention the eager mouths they feed.  I bet if fish could, they would knead their stomachs just so they could pack in more of those tastey morsels.  Browns this year look healthy at "The Park".  Unlike the normal thin look after a winter of forced fasting, they seemed to have kept a good portion of their body weight.  The rainbows never seem to lose weight but they are invertebrate eating machines.  For them a midge in winter is just as good as a Baetis in spring.  

  Now all we need as fisherman is for the 100mph jet stream to leave the valley floor and get back up into the tropopause where it belongs.  There was one day I imagined I was heading for the land of Oz as a tree and a hippie on a bike went sailing past; only I ended up in the canyon and not Munchkin Land.  


I agree!!  March and April are great months as well.  The warming water gets bugs and fish going, the weather is mild except maybe windy, the water is clear, runoff has not started, fish are hungry after winter, the summer tourists have not yet arrived, even most resident fishermen are not out yet.  GO GO GO!

Joel Evans

Oh no! You mentioned the four letter word that brings upon us the apocolypse. I refer to it as the "Big W" Lol

Maybe I should have left the original post and just started a new one.  I didn't think about comments not getting